Hello, My name is Clement Chazarra, and this is my first blog post on my own space ! I'm going to introduce myself and give an overview about what I am interested in those days...

First I'd like to present a couple of project I have been working :

  • http://www.buzzitag.com/ is a social QR Code service. The main goal is to link the real world with social networks using QR codes. Basically scan a QR Code to act instantly on Facebook
  • http://www.findhtml5.com/ is a listing of HTML5 games mainly but should evolve to incorporate more web apps. Because we are at the beginning of the HTML5 technologie, we thought with a friend that creating some kind of listing now could be interesting in a couple of years.
  • http://www.velos-libreservice.fr/ is an attempt to regroup communities around public bikes in France, and help cities to maintain efficiently the bikes. A simple exmple would be that you see a broken somwhere in the street so you launch this web app from your mobile, locate the problem and signal it

I've got plenty of new ideas and projects to implement but at the moment I need to build my business, so my main goal now is to publish this website and contact potential customers !

If you need a webmaster or adviser in web technologies, I am your man !